Registered PA Voters Can Now Vote by Mail Without Having to Provide a Reason

Registered PA Voters Can Now Vote by Mail Without Having to Provide a Reason

Dear Friends,

The upcoming Pennsylvania primary will be one of the most important ballots you ever cast. Unfortunately many voters will be hesitant to go to their regular polling places to vote. The covid-19 corona virus has made everyone terrified to leave our homes and stand in line with lots of other people. There is a solution to this problem.

Pennsylvania now allows you to vote by mail. You always could obtain an absentee ballot if you were not going to be home for the primary or other election or had a health reason for not being able to go to your polling place. But now, registered Pennsylvania voters can vote by mail without having to provide a reason.

I encourage everyone to vote in the Primary, no matter what your party preference or preferred candidate. This is the most important election in our lifetime. To get a mail-in ballot, you can go to the following Pennsylvania government website (which you can copy and paste into your browser):

The website explains all about mail-in voting. You will have to download the application for a mail-in ballot (not the absentee ballot – that is a different link). To make it easier for you,I have included the form and instructions with this email.

I sure hope that you take advantage of the mail-in voting method. There are deadlines that you must follow, so don’t lose any time applying for your mail-in ballot. Please be safe and exercise your constitutional right to vote.

Thank you.

Alan Mittelman


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