Day: September 20, 2018

By every measure, the incident rates of cyber-attacks and confidential information disclosure across all businesses are increasing exponentially. Spector Gadon & Rosen, P.C. emphasizes pre-breach services to assist our clients in preventing breaches in the first place. Because breaches are costly, intrusive and not going away, we developed the Cyber Exposure Analysis process (CEA) to combat cyber exposures head-on. CEA is straightforward, easy to use and generates a detailed cyber risk exposure profile report based on information furnished by our clients in CEA’s assessment survey.

CEA addresses the issues that keep CEOs, General Counsel and Risk Managers awake at night by targeting the major cyber-risk areas including:

  • Breach of privacy claims, including non-consensual, misuse and misappropriation of personal data, identity theft and contravention of international privacy laws applicable to online businesses
  • Contractual exposures inherent in the use of cloud computing
  • Copyright, patent and trademark infringement claims
  • The advantages and risks associated with the use of social media in an organization
  • Non-Compliance with local, state, federal and foreign regulations pertaining to the safeguarding of privacy information
  • Liability arising from systems failures and outages, viruses, worms and data corruption, hacking and other vulnerabilities in online offerings
  • Trade secret protection, including questions of encryption, e-mail, extraordinary intercept measures, social media, discussion groups and Internet acquisition and distribution of trade secrets.

In the CEA process, we process the clients’ information feedback and issue a report that includes detailed responses to the clients’ answers, exposure evaluations keyed to the individual responses in the areas surveyed, graphical comparisons of the exposure areas surveyed, remediation check lists and an executive summary. Our proprietary algorithm-based technology makes possible the delivery of the report within five business days. Importantly, when the client retains us for the CEA process, what the client tells us in answering the questionnaire and what we recommend in the report is attorney-client privileged. The CEA report enables our clients to make informed cyber risk management decisions as to whether to fix the exposures, ignore them or transfer them by way of cyber risk insurance. We can assist our clients in carrying out whatever decisions they make.

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