Employment Law

Employment Law

Making the Workplace Work

Employers today face heavy burdens. With extensive knowledge of workplace issues and concerns, and the complex body of law that controls them, the attorneys in our Employment Law Group are well equipped to assist employers in crafting and maintaining policies which safeguard the integrity of their workforce. Our focus is to help clients comply with state and federal laws and local ordinances while insulating them against exposure to employee claims and lawsuits.

Our employment lawyers are conversant with the difficult issues that confront employers on a daily basis, and well-versed in the traditional principles of employment law. Clients benefit from our broad exposure to controlling jurisprudence and from our knowledge of the cutting edge issues in employment and non-compete agreements, technology and privacy issues, trade secrets and proprietary information, workplace torts and constitutional law.

Many clients take advantage of an annual audit of their employment practices and policies. An integrated multi-disciplinary team of our attorneys reviews and updates aspects of a client’s workplace compliance policies, compensation packages, benefits policies, human resources practices, hiring, employee discipline procedures and termination and employee handbooks.

While preventing litigation is the goal of our Employment Law Group attorneys, our long courtroom experience on behalf of employers and individuals permits full representation should litigation become necessary. Our lawyers have successfully litigated claims under all state and federal laws relating to:

  • discrimination (age, race, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability and religion)
  • employment contracts
  • non-competition covenants
  • trade secrets
  • technology ownership
  • proprietary information
  • wrongful termination
  • violations of state and federal constitutions

We also provide transactional advice about the handling of the complex issues relating to disputes between partners and shareholders in closely-held businesses. Additionally, we advise and provide litigation representation to licensed professionals in the fields of law, medicine, accounting, banking, architecture and pharmacy.

Although our practice is centered on the representation of corporate and business clients, our attorneys are also regularly called upon to protect the interests of individual clients, including corporate officers and directors, prominent business leaders, broadcast personalities and sports figures.

The attorneys in the Employment Law Group are guided by a simple, universal philosophy in their provision of advice on workplace issues: protecting employees pays off for both sides. By developing and implementing fair employment practices, employers enhance employee loyalty while reducing their exposure to damaging claims and lawsuits.